We came up with the idea of T-shirts with tattoo designs in 2009 and it was a natural consequence of our previous activities. Clothes signed with the TFB clothing logo reflect the talent and versatility of the artists who design them. We collaborate with the top tattoo artists from various parts of the world demonstrating the unique nature of their work and trends in contemporary tattoo art. We wish to give joy to the clients offering them a unique and exceptional product as behind every t-shirt there is a story and real people.


The company was born out of the needs of tattooists making first steps in the industry in the late 90’s. Manufacturing of tattoo machines, tubes and tips in the times when in Poland there were no supply companies allowed to gain a lot of experience. From 2000 CTF offers inks and needles imported from abroad. Currently Kwadron Tattoo Store is the largest Polish shop with complex supply and tattoo studio equipment, which gained recognition not only in the country but also in Europe, where it has a number of distributors.


The tradition of the company goes back to the late 80’s, when the owner, initially as a hobby and for his own use began to performhand screen-prints on T-shirts, using the templates. CurrentlyEbola is known well not only because of indestructible handprints made by screen printing, but original designs referring torock and roll, and punk rock and psycho or black humour.


At Glovestar stand you will be able to clad from head to toe! In they offer you will find a wide selection of jewellery for piercings, plugs and tunnels, bags and all kinds of accessories and gadgets. Be sure to check also t-shirts and sweatshirts with prints referring to tattoos, Santa Muerte or horror films.


The company was founded as an expression of rebellion against cuddly toys and sweet clothes. You will not find here cuties, cuddlies, polite caps and clothes – here rules hoodlum and macabre style!

All of our products are made from start to finish in Poland. We strive to meet the highest standards and to prove that not only toys and clothes mass-produced by large companies have raison d’etre.


Check their professional products for a comfortable and effective tattoo and piercing care, as well as to maintain the cleanliness of the tattoo studio. The products are manufactured in France under strict pharmaceutical and dermatological control. They do not contain parabens. The flagship product of the company is very popular cream for tattoo after-care Easytattoo. Cosmetics are recommended by the best tattoo artists and available in most studios tattoo in Poland.


Hot Ball Clothing offers quality clothes for „naughty people” – there is no room for politics and religion, there is only Rock ‚N’ Roll! We support the local business, that’s why our manufactures are close enough so we can be sure about that they respect human rights and ensure adequate and safe working conditions and salaries. We decided to produce stuff for kids, but we do not agree that the children are working for our profits. That’s why our products are manufactured in Poland and other European countries. Conscious consumption reflects on your way of life!