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This year event is full of news! On 12th Tattoofest you will see for the first time on our stage magnificent Lucky Hell. A mix of glamour and danger, outstanding show by Lucky Hell is an absolute must-see during this year’s edition of Tattoofest! Lucky will stay with us  2 days so you will have some chance to say ‚hi’ to her, take a photo!



Monami Frost & Anrijs Straume special guests on TF17!

For 12th Tattoofest we have invited special guests we don’t have to introduce, because everybody knows who they are 🙂 Young and extremely beautiful Monami Frost is famous photo model and also known thanks to her video blog. She is going to visit Kraków in June with her husband Anrijs Straume, who’s also our one of the top tattoo artist (make the appointment before it’s too late!).

Monami will stay with us during whole 2 days so you can come by to say ‚hi’ to her, take a photo and buy few things her own brand.



Fernando Oddone

old school handmade signs!

Fernando is an old school signs painter from 25 years. He was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Europe 7 years ago. Now he has his workshop in Mallorca.

He was studying art in the university of art in Buenos Aires. He have learned his craft by watching the old masters making signs and truck decorations. The style of this decorations, called Fileteado Porteño, was born in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century as part of the production chain in factories where the bodies of the carts and trucks was made and where they was decorated as well.

The most important thing about him is… he just loves to be painter and he dedicates half part of his life to do this magnificent work.






For the first time we’ll have a pleasure an honour to host so many artist from Asia. Some of them already visited our convention. Some will be here for the first time. Don’t miss the chance to get tattooed by the legends.

Our special guests:

Doktor X Supreme Piercing

He could not be missed! You can meet Doktor X for whole two days of the convention. Marcin invites you to visit his booth to make the piercing you have always dreamed of!

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Kids Zone

We always take care of attraction also for the youngest! We invite all children to the KIDS ZONE! Adults not allowed! 🙂



What human skin and banana have in common? Thanks to BANANA-INK you can find out that the answer is: a lot! In a specially prepared booth for our guests, they will be able to test themselves in the role of tattoo artist and make any design using a professional tattoo machine on a banana peel (age is no important!). Its surface is very similar to human skin, so you can successfully experiment with contour, shadows and filling. Under the watchful eye of Sasky you will learn how to use tattoo machine and the basic rules of hygiene. We invite you to BANANA-INK profile on Facebook – you can find there an extensive gallery of banana tattoos:





Hey Guys, we don’t forget about you! Butter CUT, the first barbershop in Krakow, will take care of your hair, beards and well-being, entertaining you at the same time with very exquisite jokes.

Oldschool but never old fashioned!





Tattoofest traditionally will lead Dominik Madrachowski with Karolina Duszkiewicz. Dominik is a permanent announcer best Polish tattoo conventions and manager of Warsaw tattoo studio „Juniorink”. Privately, his other passion is music and distinctive Basset dogs. Karolina is true-born Cracovian and she is associated with pop punk band CF98 for more than ten years. Her music path brought her to the final of 4th series of X Factor. She likes whisky and silly jokes. She loves singing, colourful tattoos and cats, which she is allergic to – as she emphasizes – does not bother her at all, because she likes living on the edge :)