Guests & events 2016

Aerial performance, Butō dance, concerts & DJs, pole battle, exhibitions, contests for audience, graffiti jam and many more


During this year’s Tattoofest you can expect really hot atmosphere! All because of the electrifying shows The Fuel Girls. Sasha, Katrina, Leah and Teta, rock and roll tattooed beauties of London, which showed their remarkable skills during countless shows in different countries, will be hosted in Poland for the first time! Girls will appear on our stage several times over the weekend and already we have no doubts that the air conditioning may not be enough to return to normal after the show.

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Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment & Travelin‘ Mick present the Cheyenne World of Tattoo Living Gallery

Tracing the world of tattooing through history and culture, curated and presented by tattoo historian and photographer Travelin‘ Mick.
Featuring three top traditional tattoo artists from Denmark, Japan and Polynesia, handtapping live at the Krakow Tattoofest.

Tattooing is by no means a modern trend, but rather an ancient tradition, common to all of mankind. The Cheyenne World of Tattoo Living Gallery is presenting the historic and cultural aspects of traditional tattooing in all its variety. From the plains of ancient Siberia, through the jungles of Borneo, the beaches of the Pacific Isles, the savannahs of Africa into the most remote corners of China, men and women have marked themselves to be a part of their tribe, their beliefs, their people. Some of these cultures have long gone, as seen on the Altai mummies that were buried under ice millennia ago; others are still the same as they were in ancient times.
The Cheyenne World of Tattoo Gallery is displaying a variety of Travelin‘ Mick‘s photographs, taken on five continents on his travels, a variety of historic illustrations, books and authentic artefacts, painting an image of tattooing as a truly human heritage.

Highlighting the World of Tattoo Living Gallery are our three special guests, who are showing their skills and knowledge about their very own tattoo traditions, executed by hand:
Kai-Uwe Faust from Copenhagen, Denmark: Nordic and Viking Handpoking   
Toshihide from Japan: Tebori Technique   
Brent McCown from New Zealand: Pacific Tatau  

Those three masters will tattoo live at the Tattoofest and present the audience with a unique view of how tattooing has been done for thousands of years all over the world.


For the first time we’ll have a pleasure an honour to host so many artist from Asia. Some of them already visited our convention. Some will be here for the first time, like master Diau An or Sousyu Hayashi performing traditional Japanese Tebori. Don’t miss the chance to get tattooed by the legends.

Our special guests:

Diau An, Kaohsiung Tajwan
Hori Shou, Chungli Tajwan
Diau Chi, Taichung Tajwan
Hori Tora, Kaohsiung Tajwan
Gabe Shum, Freedom Tattoo HK, Hong Kong
Jimmy YuEn, Freedom Tattoo HK, Hong Kong
Yan Leng, Chiny
Dao Dao, Chiny
Chao Wang, Chiny
Kimsany, Hybrid INK, Korea Południowa
Sa Jin, Hybrid INK, Korea Południowa
Kay Lee, Hybrid INK, Korea Południowa
Nicckuhori, Galaxy Tattoo 2, Singapur
Sousyu Hayashi, Japonia – Tebori master

  • Diau An

    Diau An

  • Chao Wang

    Chao Wang

  • Dao Dao

    Dao Dao

  • Diau Chi

    Diau Chi

  • Gabe Shum

    Gabe Shum

  • Hori Shou

    Hori Shou

  • Hori Tora

    Hori Tora

  • Jimmy YuEn

    Jimmy YuEn

  • Kay Lee

    Kay Lee

  • Kimsany


  • Nicckuhori


  • Sa Jin

    Sa Jin

  • Sousyu Hayashi

    Sousyu Hayashi

  • Yan Leng

    Yan Leng

Art & Tattoo. Exhibition of paintings by Jakub Kujawa

Jacob is a painter and a great tattoo artist at the same time. His paintings and tattoos are known and recognizable all over the world. He tattooed from Poland to Hawaii and his paintings were shown from Lodz (Poland) to New York.

Don’t miss the chance to see amazing masterpieces by Jacob that will be one of the highlights of our convention!


SANAxxx is back…

…and she is opening her Japanese garden in an entirely new and extravagant show:


A solo Japanese bondage performance per excellence. True to its core, no Hollywood hype, no media madness, just pure Japanese body art.

SHIBARI is the ancient secret of Japanese self-bondage, and SANAxxx is one its prime performers, showing the elegance and sensual impact of one beautiful woman literally captivating herself and her audience in a net of ropes.

The only dominance that you will witness is SANAXXX’s total control over her own sexual attraction.

BLACK SHADOW is her first public bondage show, and it is designed to fascinate all lovers of beauty; young and old, male and female and everything inbetween.

Get caught up in SANAxxx’s ropes, because…


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Yota v Yote live concert

On Saturday at 6 pm in our chill zone you’ll be able to see the live concert of Yota v Yote.

This Silesian band manifests different musical influences and test new sounds and combinations of music types.

Foundation of the band’s music is the blues combined with the sounds of reggae and gramophone which makes it an interesting mix of music.

It is worth to hear and see it live show


Doktor X Supreme Piercing

He could not be missed! You can meet Doktor X for whole two days of the convention. Marcin invites you to visit his booth to make the piercing you have always dreamed of!

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Kids Zone

We always take care of attraction also for the youngest! We invite all children to the KIDS ZONE! Adults not allowed! 🙂



Tattoofest traditionally will lead Dominik Madrachowski with Karolina Duszkiewicz. Dominik is a permanent announcer best Polish tattoo conventions and manager of Warsaw tattoo studio „Juniorink”. Privately, his other passion is music and distinctive Basset dogs. Karolina is true-born Cracovian and she is associated with pop punk band CF98 for more than ten years. Her music path brought her to the final of 4th series of X Factor. She likes whisky and silly jokes. She loves singing, colourful tattoos and cats, which she is allergic to – as she emphasizes – does not bother her at all, because she likes living on the edge :)



What human skin and banana have in common? Thanks to BANANA-INK you can find out that the answer is: a lot! In a specially prepared booth for our guests, they will be able to test themselves in the role of tattoo artist and make any design using a professional tattoo machine on a banana peel (age is no important!). Its surface is very similar to human skin, so you can successfully experiment with contour, shadows and filling. Under the watchful eye of Sasky you will learn how to use tattoo machine and the basic rules of hygiene. We invite you to BANANA-INK profile on Facebook – you can find there an extensive gallery of banana tattoos:





Hey Guys, we don’t forget about you! Butter CUT, the first barbershop in Krakow, will take care of your hair, beards and well-being, entertaining you at the same time with very exquisite jokes.

Oldschool but never old fashioned!




Lottery – win a tattoo worth 2×1000 pln during TF16!!

This year we decided, together with the Kult Tattoo Fest to organize a special lottery, where we will give out two vouchers for a tattoo – each worth 1000PLN. What you need to do to take part in it? Anyone who purchases a ticket at the box office gets a special ticket with a number. On Saturday at 15:50 and Sunday at 13:50 we will perform a lottery where we will pick one number of a lucky person per draw. The condition for receiving the award is presence of the winner by the stage when their namber read. If the person will be absent we will wait 5 minutes and repeat the draw.
As you can see it is easy – you just need a little bit of luck


To be or not to be…

„To be or not to be” and that is the question of this years Art Fusion. As every year we give to an outstanding tattoo artists a possibilty to paint boards, silicone hands, shoes, wooden letters and this year skulls made of plastic, in 1:1 scale. After painting, these items are sold at an auction and all money goes to for charity. At TF16 you will see awesome artists: Jacob Wiman, Kay Lee, Michael „Goorazz” Hill, Simon Knefel, Jacob Zamora, Benjamin Laukis and Piotr Szot. The whole process of painting the skulls will be taking place live on Saturday between 13:00 and 15:00 right next to the stage, while the auction of these small works of art will be held on Sundays at 15:30.
Be sure to come because the goal is as always laudable.