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Anniversary edition of Tattoofest traditionally will lead Dominik Madrachowski, but this time in an unusual duet with Karolina Duszkiewicz. Dominik is a permanent announcer best Polish tattoo conventions and manager of Warsaw tattoo studio „Juniorink”. Privately, his other passion is music and distinctive Basset dogs. Karolina is true-born Cracovian and she is associated with pop punk band CF98 for more than ten years. Last year her musi path brought her to the final of 4th series of X Factor. She likes whisky and silly jokes. She loves singing, colourful tattoos and cats, which she is allergic to – as she emphasizes – does not bother her at all, because she likes living on the edge 🙂


During the anniversary edition of the international tattoo festival Tattoofest you will have a chance to admire photographs by Matthieu Duquenois „Sak Yan – the magic of the Thai tattoo”. All interested in this exhibition will be take on tour by anthropologist working at the Warsaw Museum of Asia and Pacific and honorary juror category „Modern Black Tattoo” – Tomasz Madej. Besides of the photographs on the exhibition will be presented the traditional tattooing tools from the museum and private collections.

The tradition of tattooing in South-East Asia is one of the oldest in the world, its roots go back even to the third millennium BC. Sak Yan (from Taj. sak means „puncture” or „stab”, while yan means „sacred symbol”) is an indispensable element of Thai religion. Tattoo Masters (ajarns) continue the sacred tradition and in comfort, private sanctuary decorate the bodies of their students and believers. They covered skin with magical patterns of immense power using special, large tools (similar to our needle). Mystical animals and deities become a specific talisman for the owner of the tattoo, which should provide strength and gives protection, courage or ensure success in love.

The author of presented photographs, Matthieu Duquenois, is the second European who had the honour of being ajarn (Thai tattoo master). Since 2006, he study its history and secrets – also on his own skin. Amazing exhibition of Matthieu portraits takes us to the unique journey through the world of ancient beliefs, rituals and sacred iconography of Sak Yan. Moreover, individuals wishing to experience at first hand the charm of mystical art of traditional tattooing, could give their skin to the right hands of two masters – Ajarn Matthieu and Ajarn Rung.


The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw

TATTOOFEST – international tattoo festival

Photographs: Matthieu Duquenois

Curator of the exhibition: Tomasz Madej (Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku)

Scientific advice: Dr Lars Krutak

Fan page:

Wystawa Sak Yan


With a great joy we confirm that during this year’s edition Focus will perform with his solo material. Characteristic voice, unique style and original texts give him a strong position among the most respected Polish MCs. The concert is scheduled for Saturday night. The exact line-up will be published soon, but we can already tell you that we introduce a special ticket that will combine the attractions associated with tattooing and a concert. From 18:30 entry fee will be 20 zł (valid only on Saturday).


Their combination of rap, funk, rock certainly will put you in a good mood. You can be sure that on Saturday (June 6) when they take over our festival stage they will rock you!



Get ready for the solid dose of good music! Our DJs for sure will take care of a good atmosphere!

Dj Bambus//Mikołów//

Dj WBK//Bielsko-Biała//

Dj Bleq//Kraków//

Dj 5cet//Katowice//

Dj El Mario//Mikołów//

DJ DSJ//Mikołów

Dj Juvson//Rybnik//





Phil Jensky//Kraków//






Last year we celebrated 5th birthday of Banana-Ink, this year they are with us again !
What human skin and banana have in common? Thanks to BANANA-INK you can find out that the answer is: a lot! In a specially prepared booth for our guests, they will be able to test themselves in the role of tattoo artist and make any design using a professional tattoo machine on a banana peel (age is no important!). Its surface is very similar to human skin, so you can successfully experiment with contour, shadows and filling. Under the watchful eye of Sasky you will learn how to use tattoo machine and the basic rules of hygiene. We invite you to BANANA-INK profile on Facebook – you can find there an extensive gallery of banana tattoos:



She is associated with sports acrobatics from over 10 years. During this time Anna repeatedly gained the title of Polish Champion of Seniors. She is also the owner of the bronze medal from the World Championship in 2008. Her adventure with the stage started from collaboration with theatre of movement „Ocelot” and currently you can watch show with her participation on the biggest stage in the world (inter alia with group „Flycube”). Anna’s program includes the show on the sash and circular trapeze – you simply have to see it!


„Art Pole Dance Studio” this is known and trendy place on the map of schools and fitness centres in the heart of beautiful district of Krakow – Podgorze. Studio offers pole dance workouts, aerial hoop, aerial silks, aerial hammock and a lot more! In an friendly, cosy atmosphere instructors will help you learn how to fall in love with yourself and your body.

Last year’s edition of the festival has been graced with the show prepared by „Art Pole Dance Studio”, this year girls will present what they have best – charm and femininity reaching hand in hand with strength and technique. There is nothing better than watching a professional pole dancing performed by the beautiful women. Buckle up and move to the place where reigns the true love for unusual forms of movement!


Sana Sakura//Madame Butterfly

Japan around the year 1900: a beautiful Geisha falls in love with an American naval officer. Despite all cultural differences, they are getting married and enjoy a brief time of sexual and sensual bliss. But the distance in between their values and views proves too great for the connection to last and finally, even a child cannot rescue their relationship.

Will this love story turn into tragedy? Love and passion, trust and treachery, the relation between the cultures and the sexes – those are timeless topics, as essential now and here as they were in Japan a century ago.

Sana Sakura, the beautiful and gifted performer that brought us thrilling entertainment with her shows about Japanese demons, goblins and super-cute Manga girls, is taking her audience away from everyday life – into lands and times unknown!

Madamebutterfly01 copy


As every year we have planned something special for our artists, so they can show their artistic skills on a different medium than the skin. This time they will have to paint 3D letters (hight approx. 30 cm).
In addition, we have a K in the Crown, which from now on will appear in our logo. Please note that the painted letters will can be bought on Sunday.

TATTOOFEST will be customize by:
Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek | Bambam
Julia Szewczykowska | Juniorink NajgorszeStudiowMieście
Martynas Šnioka | Angis Tattoo
George Drone
Krzysztof Futroo | Szerytattoo
Uncl Paul Knows | IronBrush Tattoo
Kajsa Franzén | Red Rose Tattoo
Lehel Nyeste | Perfect Chaos Tattoo
Aleksy Marcinow

K will be done by Szymon Gdowicz | Pain Ting ( Kult Tattoo Fest), who designed this element of logo for us.



Have you ever heard about the charity campaign „Złombol”? This year we will see next edition of this extreme expedition involving the old school cars from the communist era. Besides fun and relaxing breaks on the sunny beaches of Europe, its main purpose is to raise money for Silesian orphanages. Company or individuals supporting this action can purchase advertising space on the competing cars and put there logos, photos or pictures. The destination of this year’s expedition is the highest, passable pass of the Italian Alps – Passo dello Stelvio – and 100% of accumulated funds will be donated to purchase needed items for children. If (like us) you want to support this initiative, during the second day of the festival keep an eye on auction „TATTOOFEST” letters painted by tattoo artists. All collected money will pass the Red Beetle Team, which starts in this year’s rally „Złombol 2015”.

Reportage from last year:

Event on Facebook:



Hey Guys, we don’t forget about you! Butter CUT, the first barbershop in Krakow, will take care of your hair, beards and well-being, entertaining you at the same time with very exquisite jokes.

Oldschool but never old fashioned!


SANAxxx is back… …and she is opening her Japanese garden in an entirely new and extravagant show „Black Shadow Shibari” which is a solo Japanese bondage performance. True to its core, no Hollywood hype, no media madness, just pure Japanese body art.

„Shibari” is the ancient secret of Japanese self-bondage, and SANAxxx is one its prime performers, showing the elegance and sensual impact of one beautiful woman literally captivating herself and her audience in a net of ropes. The only dominance that you will witness is SANAxxx’s total control over her own sexual attraction. „Black Shadow” is her first public bondage show, and it is designed to fascinate all lovers of beauty; young and old, male and female and everything in between.

Get caught up in SANAxxx’s ropes, because…




If you like bikes with charter you must check Kahaki Bikes stand at our festival. They will show how they build bikes also if you want to make small repairs or pimp your bike you can come with it at the convention. For sure they will advise how to make small changes to get and unique ride!
In addition, on Sunday at 17:30 there will organize a competition for best technical ride on time on the big custom cruiser bike. Winner will get a voucher of 150 zł at the shop Balloon Bike.

Balloon Bike, ul. Ludowa 6, Kraków




One of the other attractions that we predicted for visitors of the festival Tattoofest, is unique show prepared by the Kendo Club Krakow. Kendo is a martial art derived from traditional Japanese Samurai swordsmanship. Training at the club runs Maciej Murzyniec, which has practiced this sport since he was twelve and frequently has traveled to Japan to receive instructions directly from the Japanese Kendo masters. We invite you to watch the unique spectacle, in which the main role is played by the beauty of movement and strength of character.